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Saturday, April 14, 2007



I’m working on another writing project now so I’m just going to let you look at a couple of emails I sent and received yesterday.

Me: I mentioned that I have been riding my ass off lately. Today I went out and I didn't feel too strong and I still rode for an hour and a half. I haven't ridden this much ever. I wish I had my fucking racing bike. Yesterday I got passed by a girl, a really, truly amazing girl but still. I rode like a maniac to keep behind her just to stare at her calves. If I had a road bike I could have towed her. I love my bike but it's slow.

A Friend in NY: Have you eaten the whole pig yet?

Me: I eat about one entire pig a week by my calculations.

Me: I am trying to stay on budget this month which means I'm staying in tonight. I'm cooking arroz al horno and enjoying a shitty bottle of wine. I paid 2 euros for this bottle and I feel like I got robbed. 2 euros is a lot for a bottle of wine for me these days and I'm usually pretty happy with it. I've had worse. It’s drinkable if you’re a drunk like me.

NY: Based on today's exchange rate your bottle of wine cost $98.72, so shut up
and enjoy your buzz you bourgeois pig.

Me: You almost made me spit expensive wine out through my nose.

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