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Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Things I Love About Spain

- I love how they have a picture of a whole dead pig in the grocery store newspaper advertisements.

- I love that people always—always—say “hello" when they see you in your building.

- I love that people stand up in bars and will go to the equivalent of a walk-up drive-thru window for coffee.

- When you leave a restaurant or bar you always say, “Hasta luego.”

- That Sporting events sometimes start at 10 p.m.

- That restaurants are empty until 10:30 on weekend nights, and then fill up to rugby scrum proportions after that.

- There is a whole world in a single city block. Life here is so intensely urban, even more so than downtown Seattle.

- That people will sit outside in a café even if it’s a bit chilly. Tonight an old lady asked me if she could have the outside table I was about to seat myself at. She said that she liked to rest her feet on the cement block under the table that is used to weight down the umbrella. When I started to sit down on the other side of the table she asked me if we didn’t speak the same language. I told her in Spanish that I thought that she meant that we would share the table. She laughed and said that she had friends showing up who wouldn’t understand. I moved over to the next table.

- People eat olives all the time

- That every cup of coffee you get here is incredible

- That every cup of coffee costs less than 1.50€

(to be continued)

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