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Wednesday, February 04, 2004

A Letter from Spain

I was going to write the title in Spanish but I can't get the Spanish keyboard to make the characters. I hate it when I am foiled by my own technical incompetence from being a pretentious asshole. I brought along my laptop but in the bonehead of the year award I left the power cord back in Seattle. I'll have a few hours of battery time if I want to use that soon to be dead weight.

First of all, the weather here in Madrid is wonderful. It's sunny and warm which is especially nice since I have a slight cold. I've been fit as a fiddle for the last year but as soon as I got in the cab to go to the airport I felt a cold coming on. On the flight over here I was pretty miserable--congested and restless. Once on the ground I rallied and now, a day later, I feel fine. Nothing that a little Spanish wine can't cure.

The one thing that I have noticed about Madrid is that it is a little less self-explanatory than Paris. In Paris you can't walk three steps without tripping over a cafe. In Madrid, finding a good place to park it and get a cup of coffee has been more of a challenge. It has taken me no time at all to adjust to life here in this great city.

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