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Wednesday, July 09, 2003

Lance Pulls Ahead


Today marked the beginning of the end for the competition in Lance Armstrong's bid for a fifth win in the Tour de France. Lance and his incredibly talented U.S. Postal Service team pretty much crushed the competition in today’s team time trial. Lance now has a 30 second lead over his next competitor, Joseba Beloki, and should be a “sure thing” to take his fifth consecutive Tour de France.

I left my Bianchi racing bike hanging on the wall of my hallway and watched the time trial from the seat of an exercise bike at my gym. The Tour de France gets me as motivated about bike riding as I get all year. Tomorrow I will have time to watch the race at my gym while riding the stationary bike and after that I will be able to ride my road bike or take a trip out of town to get my mountain bike dirty. It’s a great time to be a cyclist!

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