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Wednesday, September 25, 2002

CNN Is a Complete Piece of Shit

Sorry for the sugar-coated title to this essay but I like to lure people in before I let them know what I really think. I preach all the time about simply ignoring the vacuous items that clutter up popular culture. If you read enough of this page I think you’ll see that I don’t constantly whine about the stupidity evident in our everyday existence. I concentrate on uncovering the things that are worthwhile.

Spend your time with quality. I’m not the type that says, “Man, Friends is so stupid. I was watching it last night and…” I no longer have bootleg cable and I’m not interested enough in TV to actually pay for it myself (I’m certainly not anti-TV, I’m just cheap). Unfortunately, I get a pretty heavy dose of CNN at my gym where it is on all of the time on all of the televisions.

CNN is notoriously anti-news. Some miserable white-trash woman punches out her kid and the whole country has to watch it over and over and over and over. CNN follows the “story” as the mother goes to court. I have a news flash: One single case of child abuse is not news. The only reason the story is a story is because they have it on video. If CNN is so committed to the well-being of children then why don’t they do an equal number of stories about child abuse? Answer: Because they don’t have cool video for that. That would actually take some REPORTING and somebody would have to string together a series of words. This is called writing.

CNN has more in common with America’s Funniest Home Videos than it does to a news source. The hosts on CNN are more pompous than on the home video shows but the content is about the same. CNN should eliminate all of the talking and replace it with the Benny Hill theme music.

If you want entertainment I suggest Mexican midget wrestling. If it is news you are looking for then look for it in print.


  1. CNN is dying. People are tired of their crap reporting.
    At least FOX is entertaining.

    1. "At least FOX is entertaining. "

      If you find fascism entertaining.


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