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Wednesday, May 25, 2022

A Nation Lacking the Political Will to Defend Itself

Please, don't ask me to pray because I can't imagine anything more obscene than trying to pray our way out of this gun violence nightmare.

There are always two responses after a school shooting. Some people will ask, “How many times are we going to let this happen before we finally do something?” The answer to that is at least one more time because we haven’t done a fucking thing yet, even after countless bloodbaths.What if someone murdered a hundred children? Would that be enough for the nation to act? What about a thousand?

 Then we have conservative assholes warning the nation that the tragedy shouldn’t be politicized. FuckFace Carlson called it “desecrating the memory of the murdered children” while the blonde former Nazi women’s concentration camp guard on Fox screeches that “tragedy is not the time to shame our nation.”

The conservative answer is to turn schools into prisons while allowing any diseased asshole to buy an assault weapon without waiting any longer than the time it takes to hand over the cash. This strategy has been working out really well unless you include the countless mass shootings we’ve had over the years.

 It sickens me to see police running around in full military regalia and shouldering assault weapons AFTER a mass shooting, as if more firearms at this point are of any use at all. Has there ever been an incident after a mass shooting in which more firepower was necessary? Never. So why are cops running around like they are in the middle of a war zone screaming at children and grieving parents?

I would argue that this display of force worsens the situation by showing people that firepower solves problems. And so we get to the root of our issue in America: people see guns as a way to solve problems; guns are a solution.

Apart from hunters and target shooters, people buy guns to solve a perceived problem. The problem is mostly that they have very small, very flaccid penises and they hope that a gun will solve this problem. Or they think owning a gun will make them safer which is mostly untrue. Or they want to kill people. Guns certainly can solve the problem of killing people, something proven over and over again:

 “In 2020 alone, more than 45,000 Americans died at the end of a barrel of a gun, whether by homicide or suicide, more than any other year on record. The figure represents a 25% increase from five years prior, and a 43% increase from 2010.

Guns are really good at killing people. If the problem you have is ending a life, a gun is definitely the answer, but your dick is still going to be small and limp, just like before.

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