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Saturday, April 23, 2022

Copa del Rey 2022


Copa del Rey final tonight in Sevilla: Valencia Club de Fútbol vs Real Betis. Only in Spain does a major sporting event begin at 22:00. In case you didn’t know, the bat has been the symbol of Valencia since the Reconquest of the city in 1238. Legend has it that on the eve of the battle with the Moors, Jaume I found a bat in his war helmet which was supposedly a bad omen, but he said screw it and the rest is history.
"A por la novena" means "for the ninth" meaning this will be Valencia's ninth victory (the third since I've lived here).
Ugh, we lose on penalties. Penalty shootouts are a terrible way to lose and a bad way to win.
Spoiler Alert! We lost on penalties.

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