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Friday, December 03, 2021

Anatomy of a School Shooting

 School shootings unfold the same way and go something like this: A mentally ill, socially inept male child has easy access to firearms. After a life spent watching appalling violence on TV, movies, and video games, an un-laid, hormonal time-bomb kid decides to take out his adolescent sexual frustration on his classmates.

 The horror goes like this: Bang, bang. OMG! Hugs. Prayer. Do fuck all to stop it. Repeat.

 Mass school shootings are becoming as much a part of American folklore as road trips, barbeques, Little League baseball, and Hallmark holidays.

 Every time one of these atrocities occurs, we have the exact same response. Someone will cry, “How many more times are we going to let this happen before we do something about it?”

 I always give the same answer. We are going to let it happen at least one more time because this time, for whatever reason, we have decided to do fuck all. Perhaps if a mass shooting had a death count of 200 or 300 victims, we would be compelled to do something, but even with this sort of carnage, I doubt we would have the political will to finally act to protect ourselves.

 I refuse to enter into the gun control debate with morons, because in the USA that is a total waste of breath. I live in a country where it’s very, very difficult to buy even a hunting rifle, and there are almost no gun deaths, so the gun-nut argument that it’s people who kill people and not guns is just horse shit.

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