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Saturday, March 27, 2021

Guns Don't Kill People?

These are the weapons they took from some dickless asshole who was trying to get his nerve up to go on his shooting spree at a supermarket before he was interrupted, probably by some teenage chick at the make-up counter. I'm guessing he had a huge skidmark in his shorts and stank of BO and funky, unbrushed teeth. The basic profile of mass shooters are dudes who have never been with a woman in their entire, pathetic lives (at least without paying for it).

It’s so creepy how many men in America think that this level of weaponry is necessary, or worse, that owning this much hardware makes you a man.




A gunman killed eight people and wounded several others before killing himself in a late-night shooting at a FedEx facility near the Indianapolis airport, police said, in the latest in a spate of mass shootings to shake the nation.

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