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Wednesday, November 09, 2016

The Morning of: Stunned but not Surprised

If I’ve learned one thing in all of this election cycle it’s that I have no idea what makes the uneducated white American tick. I can’t for the life of me understand how this demographic believes that this man will somehow speak for them when he has spent his entire life being contemptuous of anyone outside of his income level. I may never write about politics ever again. I think that liberalism in America is dead.

So be prepared for abortion to be illegal...again. Get ready for 20 million newly-insured people under the Affordable Care Act to be relegated to the emergency room if they want health care, and let's start a pool as to when we wage another foreign war. I say that we'll have troops on the ground somewhere by March of 2017.

I say fuck you to everyone out there trying to put the blame for this loss on liberals. How about putting the blame on the country bumpkins who voted for this dangerous idiot and who can't be bothered to read a newspaper article? They don't have any real idea of what they voted for as Trump talked only in vagaries about policy or he said nothing at all as regarding environmental issues. His health care is going to be great. He's going to stop terrorism very quickly. I could go on with his fucking idiotic pronouncements but we only need to wait six months to have a really good idea about how messed up this country will be and there will be no one to blame but the GOP. 

This piece in The New Yorker is worth reading. 

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