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Wednesday, October 19, 2016

A Clear Choice

To voters who whine that this election is about choosing the lesser of two evils, or that both candidates are ill-qualified to be president, or that there is no clear choice and so they remain undecided or worse, that they aren’t going to bother to vote, I have only this to say: you are complete morons! Get off your whiny asses and vote.
Is Hillary my first choice for president? Not exactly but she is a competent and intelligent candidate who will surround herself with the best people we have in government service. If she is elected I can only hope that along with her the Democrats pick up a few seats in the Senate and the party can grow a pair and do some good. I hope this marks a shift towards government of cooperation and getting something done instead of the President working against the Party of No.

It really says a lot about voters when they support a candidate like Donald Trump. From the very beginning we saw the true “values” of the Republican Party and they have little to do with the meaningless and disingenuous slogans they have been parroting for the past 30 years, things like limited government, lower taxes, and free markets. What really ignited the fire under the collective asses of the mob that now backs the Republican front-runner has been the promise of a more racist America. Trump’s platform still involves building a wall and banning Muslim immigrants. The Republicans and Fox News seem unable and unwilling to do anything but follow in the wake of Trump’s Klan rallies masquerading as political events.

The specifics of Trump’s platform are anyone’s guess at this point only three weeks before the election as he just seems to be making up shit in response to the applause of the mob. When asked about his plan to fight crime all that he could venture to say was that he would restore law and order, whatever the fuck that means. His stance on cyber security was an incoherent rambling about how clever his ten year old son is with computers. You can’t make this shit up, as they say except that is exactly what this clown is doing at every step along campaign trail.

But which is worse: a candidate who is completely incapable of adult behavior or the knuckle-draggers who will still vote for him? I find it completely terrifying that anyone is still supporting Trump and that this reality TV clown he will garner a healthy percentage of votes on Election Day. What is wrong with people? Of course, that question is rhetorical because we all know what is wrong with people. People are stupid and ill-informed and will believe anything Fox News tells them to think. They will repost idiotic slogans attached to photos containing the vilest slanders imaginable and hold them to be sacred truths.

I won’t dignify the accusations against Hillary Clinton as most of them are completely crazy which bring me to my next point. There is a deep feeling of insanity among the anti-Clinton and pro-Trump crowd. At this moment their fucking bat-shit crazy meme is election rigging which is not only insane but a potential security threat to our nation. If a large part of our electorate doesn’t believe in the legitimacy of our election process then we could soon cease to be a democracy. Does Trump and Company have a shred of evidence to back up their claims? Of course not, he just thinks it or his herd of chimps thinks it. What will be the next insane utterance out of the mouth of this old know-nothing?

Civil war? I have said before that the biggest mistake we made in America was our Civil War. We should have skipped the war in favor of a rescue operation for the slaves. We could have freed the slaves and left the south to wallow in its ignorance and racism. We have seen in the eight years of the Obama administration that the Republicans are not the least bit interested in compromise, something of a civil war in itself. Democracy is all about compromise and the lack of it signals a shift into some other form of government, or a chaotic lack of government. 

More than a rightward political shift in recent years by Republicans what I have noticed is the unhinged quality of their narrative. After decades of clinging to failed ideals of lowering taxes for the rich, eliminating a safety net for the poor, and constantly increasing defense to absurd levels I guess you can’t really blame Republicans for taking a different tack which has been to double-down on racism, xenophobia, and paranoia about terrorism.

If you have any doubt about the current state of insanity among many conservatives I dare you to take a look at comments section of any online forum. It doesn’t even have to be about a political topic for comments to quickly devolve into psychotic ravings blaming liberals for every ill this nation faces.

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