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Saturday, May 21, 2016

Another Morning, Another Ride in the Country

I rode out to Rocafort from Valencia this morning to have coffee at one of my favorite cafés, La Bodegueta de Rocafort. After that I humped around a few local villages trying desperately to take at least one decent photo. That’s asking a lot from me so what you see is all that I could manage. I didn’t ride very far but I tried to do some sprints, something I used to be quite good at back in the day. I still have more of a sprinter’s body than that of a skinny road cyclist. This is something that I should practice at home on my spinning bike.


  1. Nice! That looks like a dream ride for me... except maybe a few caña stops!

  2. My bike rides are about the only thing that I do that is remotely not part of a rigid routine. More on this theme later.


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