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Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Travel Made Very Easy

Walking out of my hotel in Madrid and heading for home I have a few transportation decisions in my path, most of them embarrassingly sophisticated for an American. Spain is leading the world in many areas of mass transit while the USA languishes in 20th century concepts. I have to walk about one block to the Madrid Metro stop of Gregorio Marañón. I had already purchased a 10 ride ticket for 12.20€ at the beginning of my stay. After changing trains I arrive at Madrid’s Atocha station 12 minutes later. From here I take the AVE high-speed train to Valencia. The Madrid-Valencia part of my journey is 391 kilometers and takes about 95 minutes—I didn’t even get up out of my seat and spent the time completely absorbed in a book. I paid more for my ticket but a round trip can be found for 52€. I arrive at Valencia’s Joaquín Sorolla station and grab a Valenbisi bike from the rack and pedal the 2 kilometers to the bike station a half block from my front door. Home!

Madrid's Puerta de Atocha station
The best trains in the world

Valenbisi bike share

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