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Saturday, November 07, 2015

Uban Architecture the Village Way

When I first came across these two forlorn benches in a small corner of an even smaller village outside of Valencia I was a little perplexed. Why bother? What purpose could they possibly serve? Then I came to the obvious realization that nobody likes to stand while watching onions grow. I can’t remember where this was, just some damn village somewhere on just another bike ride. I wish that I could be there right now. Don't you?

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  1. Perhaps I need a bench in my backyard to watch mine. However, last night we had our first hard freeze, so the greens are a bit droopy. From the onion family, I grew 6 different varieties this year: Walla Walla yellow and Red Baron red (Pacific Northwest varieties), and heirloom leek, white bunching onions (often referred to as scallions) and two types of chives; common chives and garlic chives. In Denver, Colorado USA, onions will last in the ground through winter, so we may be able to harvest them throughout, or just wait for them to return around February or March. Also, if you have never grown or cooked with green garlic, try it out, especially when your dried cloves start to overly soften or harden. Put them into a flower pot, root side down, and in a few weeks, you will have some cheap, tasty flavor.


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