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Monday, February 23, 2015

Bucket List for Sociopaths

We all need to set goals for ourselves, even the most ethically-challenged in our ranks must set their sights towards the horizon…maybe just a little higher so you can see over the walls and barbed wire. Remember, if you don't have a dream then the dream can't come true. Is that also true for nightmares? Here are a few ideas to ponder while waiting for your case to be called.

 1) Carve your name on some ancient monuments like Lord Byron did at the Temple of Poseidon in Greece. It’s easy now because we have power tools.
 2) Hunt down the last of an endangered species. No need to feel guilty as they probably wouldn’t have survived anyway and at least it gave you a sense of accomplishment.
 3) Invade Russia at the beginning of a very cold winter and win!
 4) Become the CEO of a major multi-national company and drive it into bankruptcy.
 5) Run the final 300 yards of a marathon and claim the victory. They’ll soon find out you cheated but those moments of glory are something you will treasure for a lifetime.
 6) Be the first to tell a child that there’s no such thing as Santa Claus.
 7) Become addicted to something and then quit just to show how tough you are.
 8) Spoil someone’s surprise party.
 9) Be the youngest person tried as an adult (for you or your offspring).
 10) You believe in the death penalty but your state outlawed it. You do something so heinous that they reinstate it.

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