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Sunday, November 16, 2014

Valencia Marathon: 11,500 Runners and 20,000 Fans

Had I known that it was so much fun to watch a marathon I would have done it sooner. There were thousands, perhaps tens of thousands of people along the route to cheer, clap, whistle, beat drums, play pasodobles, and I was among them. I think we had a lot more fun than the runners. I was a spectator by accident as I chose a bike route that cut me off from my part of town when I returned and crossing even a couple meters or the runner’s course was impossible, at least with a bike and while not being an asshole.

Running a marathon has never been anything that I have been even remotely interested in doing, even back when I used to run. As far as bucket lists go a marathon is still out of my bucket. Watching the Valencia Marathon again certainly will be in my future. Enhorabuena to all the participants and fans.

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