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Friday, July 04, 2014

We Have Buses in Valencia?

Because the rain kept me from riding a bike I was thinking that a really cool superpower would be an encyclopedic knowledge of bus schedules so I’d never have to wait very long, but like with most superpowers, they probably already have a phone app for this. This means that you would need a real phone with internet which I can’t be bothered with. I just keep hoping that cell phones will go away. 

No joke, I stepped out the door this afternoon in the rain and walked the half a block to the bus stop and it rolled up just as I got there and dropped me off a few steps from where I was going. Bravo buses of Valencia! I’d rather ride a bike but after a wreck on the share bikes in the rain I won’t do that again. If it weren’t for my jiu-jitsu training I would have been in the emergency room after my last accident which was worse than the Hindenburg crash but with more witnesses as I went down in front of a supermarket. And while we are on the subject, "Oh, the humanity!" What the hell does that even mean?

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