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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Copa del Rey 2014 Barça-Real Madrid

Barça Fanzone 

Real Madrid Fanzone

Tonight @21:30 Final Copa del Rey in Valencia:
 FC Barcelona vs Real Madrid 

11,000 Madrid fans arrive by the AVE high-speed rail, 4,000 from Barcelona on the Euromed line and tens of thousands more in cars.
Every policeman within 50 kilometers on duty; every bar in Valencia trying to kee`up with the crowds.


  1. You have my sympathies. I live near Pza.Cibeles in Madrid, and every time RM wins a big one we have hoardes of drunken fans staggering around. And so well behaved.

  2. I was probably one of those staggering drunks after the 2008 Euro Copa..


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