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Sunday, October 30, 2011

Go Back to School, Kid. This Time Try to Learn Something

The new poster boy for the 1%.

I am a former Marine.
I work two jobs.
I don’t have health insurance.
I worked 60-70 hours a week for 8 years to pay my way through college.
I haven’t had 4 consecutive days off in over 4 years.
But I don’t blame Wall Street.
Suck it up you whiners.
I am the 53%.
God bless the USA!

He doesn’t blame Wall Street but I bet the Wall Street elite are thankful that they have some idiot kid with no sense of history willing to act as one of their brown-shirts if things start getting ugly in this new class war. There aren’t too many of the top 1% who are ex-military and a lot of liberals are afraid to death of former soldiers. I served too, and I’d like to tell this kid something. I didn’t serve in the military to protect a country that seems only out to make like better for the richest few. If the conservative hero Ronald Reagan hadn’t slashed the living shit out of the GI Bill this kid would have had a lot easier time making it through college. He could have done it in four years while only working part-time. But Saint Ronnie said that government spending sucks so he made a complete mockery of educational benefits for veterans (while drastically increasing overall military spending). If you don’t believe me you can look it up. I was actually serving during the Reagan administration and luckily for me I had completed most of my degree before I enlisted.

And fuck you for calling people whiners who are fighting for the rights of the working class. I’d be the first to say that many of the Occupy Wall Street folks have their heads up their asses and don’t have much of an idea of what to do, but at least they are doing something. They are actually protesting so people like you don’t have to work like a 16th century peasant.  I suppose that you think the early union organizers in America were whiners for trying to protect workers from the worst abuses of the industrial era. You should be ashamed of yourself instead of being so fucking smug and high and mighty.

It was a huge government “bail-out” of returning WWII veterans that turned America into a country which actually created the idea of the middle class. Veterans were now able to go to college and then buy home with VA loans. These men were mostly lower middle class deadbeats who would have never been able to afford a college education, much less buy a house. My father was one of those vets.

This was the United States government that did this so be careful when you spew out shit from Rush Limbaugh criticizing the government. And perhaps you skipped the class on civics but in a democracy, we are the government. This means that if we don’t like something we can work to change it. If our elected officials aren’t carrying out our wishes then we can protest our government. It’s legal and it’s in the constitution.   Try reading it sometime instead of having some right-wing moron spoon-feed you their bizarre interpretation of our founding document.


  1. This should be re-blogged all over;

    "It was a huge government “bail-out” of returning WWII veterans that turned America into a country which actually created the idea of the middle class. Veterans were now able to go to college and then buy home with VA loans. These men were mostly lower middle class deadbeats who would have never been able to afford a college education, much less buy a house. My father was one of those vets."


    And all those kids, their sons and daughters, who went to Vietnam and then Afghanistan and then Iraq...and came home to not nearly adequate benefits. And no jobs. And in-service got a fraction of what earlier generations got.

    And came home worse, because, cruel fate, as wartime medicine gets better, soldiers who are more badly injured can survive. But what kind of rehab and lifetime benefits will they get?

    Read the above and then consider that I'm a big time lefty feminist borderline anarchist --- how times change, huh?

  2. What is this moron saying, exactly?

    "Take your ass fucking like a man, America!"

    Jesus. What a stupid redneck. If the plutocrats have useful idiots like this, their sophistry is working.

  3. So, the tea party people principles which I am for...limited gov't, Rule of law (Read the Constitution is not a living document) and...wait for it--free markets are all bad according the the comments here. No problem. But these occupiers are "fighting" for no less than what the tea party did if one can be objective and honest. Accountability.

    So Matt- As long as there are D's or the President offers his support, you carry the water, don't you? I wonder will the "Leftbanker" delete my comments like you did?(and you brought it up) Because I called out Bush when he sucked and Obama is far worse and you refuse to acknowledge it. It seems that if you don't like what I say, you delete it and even ignore my emails. That's a shame. No matter how we differ on politics, I wouldn't treat you the same way...

    Scheck as in Matt- you claim to be for the little guy well, how do you feel about this link?


    Does this help the small businesses in my state? Nope. It excludes your "working man" in favor of the unions who are fucking people over all they can. Is that the original intent of unions or the way the President is contributing to the Economy here- shutting out business who are not unionized? Think what Chicago union thugs are making in retirement- more than salaries of 10 years combined for a year.

    Again, the whiners are those who would take your tax dollars for every entitlement they can get and you seem to have no issues. And you rail the guy who refuses to burden you and make his way. That's a little skewed, no?

    So again, I say: If you are so into helping the little guy out, why wait for it to be legislated? Why not just go to Wall Street and find a college student with debt and offer to make the payments for it, Since old Ronnie screwed everyone? You make 6 figures according to you and fly first class...so you don't have to mingle with the peons...I mean, do it. Help someone out instead of giving lip service and propping it up with vulgarity and emotion.
    And even if the Leftbanker deletes me, and you block me from the FB page, I still like you.


  4. As long as people are civil I won't delete comments. With that said I really am not out to convince people like you. You are WAY too far to the right for me and it would be foolish to think that I could make any sort of argument that would sway you towards my way of thinking. And there is no fucking way that what you dish out could ever have any influence on the way I think.

    If I've said it once I've said it a thousand times: you are what you read. Here's what I read on a regular basis:

    The New York Times
    The Atlantic Monthly
    El País
    Le Figaro
    The Guardian
    Le Monde
    Levante (Valencia's local rag)

    I don't watch TV news (except to mock it).

  5. LB-
    My problem is not to change your mind or that I need your convincing. My problem is that neither you or Matt consider what is said or backed up from whatever source especially if it's not what you read. As much as you think I am too far right, I could come back and say you are way too left, couldn't I? Of your list, I read the top three, the WSJ, FT, Salon, Time mag, The Economist, Forbes and others...those are some regulars.

    My comments either on this site or the Journal of Doubt or Scheck's Facebook are never uncivil, for the record. However, if one chooses to get profane and insinuate things rather than tackle the content- I give as good as I get.

    I challenge the comments and the thought process because I like debate and discussion, not to change minds. But Scheck is famous for lambasting and mocking whomever thinks differently than he...as do you. I merely seek debate because you can't learn if you don't consider other sides. To that end, I address:
    Do you want to be burdened by the mistakes of others-since you seem so convinced that the kid in the photos is a whiner? I think he's just making the point that if you sign on the line for the money, then isn't it your personal burden to pay back? Or he could be saying, Fuck you OWS weasels wanting my money while I work three jobs to pay for MY obligations and yours, too. The 99%'ers vs. the 1%. The left minded thinkers want that level playing field, except when they don't... as it seems with what you state about the OWS speaking out vs. the tea party.

    And why will you not hold the DNC and the Obama administration accountable for the shit decisions being made. We could be headed for QE 3 and that is quite disturbing as Portugal, Italy, Greece and Spain are at or collapse...and have you no disgust for the little guy being kept from meeting some economic prosperity over unions?

    Lastly- if accountability is what is sought and two different groups attempt to speak out, how does one get to be more superior than the other? You'll recall that the tea party went straight to the problem-DC for one day- and probably created a mini boom for locals. And the OWS people have been in other cities raising hell and impeding economic productivity, notably Oakland and NY.

    Seriously...just honest debate.
    That last comment posted funny. I will sign with anonymous, but you know who I am.



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