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Monday, September 14, 2009

Sea of Ill-informed Hicks Descends on Washington

The video above was from the ho-hum media where most Americans get their watered-down version of the news. Now here's another reporter at the scene. something tells me that he didn't have to look very hard to find these retards:

Thousands Rally in Capital to Protest Big Government

How could you read an article like this or watch this clip and not come to the conclusion that America is just completely finished as a nation and a rational society. The last person out needs to turn off the light and lock the door. We are radically divided on every single important issue of the day and we are witnessing our government in the throes of impotency. Conservative groups have whipped people into a near violent frenzy, terrifying the hicks with stories of the horrors of socialism. “They are gonna take away my guns!” !They’s gonna kill my unborn babies!” Here is a statement from one of the protesters that pretty much hits the nail on the head:

I want Congress to be afraid,” said Keldon Clapp, 45, an unemployed marketing representative who recently moved to Tennessee from Connecticut after losing his job.

What the hell does big government have to do with the problems of this ignorant slob? I’m sure that he doesn’t have health insurance. I’ll tell him what I tell all the others like him, “Dude, turn off Rush Fucking Limbaugh and buy a newspaper at least once a week.” Stop reading Michelle Malkin and try to find some real news somewhere in your day.

I don’t know, I don’t think there is any way to combat this sort of religious certainty on virtually every issue facing America. If people like Maggie really feel that abortion is murdering babies then wouldn’t they be obliged to kill to stop it? If I thought it was murder I sure would, but I don’t, of course. The same thing goes about calling Obama a Nazi or whatever. I never called Bush a Nazi, although he was sort of a proto-fascist in the strict sense of the word. At this point Obama could say something like, “My fellow Americans,” and he would take a ton of shit for it from these same mouth-breathers. It’s like America is a sinking ship.

Seriously, give me a good reason why America shouldn’t just split into two halves like India and Pakistan. Liberals can have their big cities and the conservatives can have the religious south along with the rest of the red states. If we have reached a point where the President of our country can’t even give an address to school students then we have become way too contentious and we just need to part ways. Where the hell was the kind of debate we are now having about health care when Bush invaded Afghanistan and Iraq? Wouldn’t that have been a good time for a robust exchange of opinions?

Here is my challenge to conservatives: give me an example of the ultra- conservative society you are seeking to build. I will give you an example of the kind of society I wish to emulate. I’m living in one right now; a country with nowhere near America’s inequality of income; a country that ranks way above us in health care despite the fact that they spend a fraction of what we spend; a country that seems to have a pretty firm eye on their future. What are we doing about our future? Are we building mass transit? Are we bending over backwards to integrate bicycles into our transportation model? Are we doing everything we can to improve our education system? Are we striving to develop alternative energies? And what rights has our government taken away from us? How would government-run health care make us less free? Their arguments have no basis in reality and don’t even make sense.

If we refuse to look to other countries that have much better health care systems than our own then how can we improve the way we provide medical treatment? If we simply start screaming about the horrors of socialism without seeing that we are the only industrialized country that doesn’t have the government involved in health care then we won’t move forward on this issue. Our system is on the verge of collapse. We could continue ignoring it as did the previous administration which is surely what the big pharmaceutical and insurance companies want. But what happens when Etna or Blue Cross decide to go belly-up like Lehman? Good luck being able to afford getting some stitches sewn at your local for-profit hospital.