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Monday, March 16, 2009

In the "News"

In the "News"

Mr. Cramer, who calls himself a lifelong Democrat, said last week that the administration’s agenda was “destroying the life savings of millions of Americans.” One week earlier Mr. Kudlow declared that Mr. Obama was “declaring war on investors, entrepreneurs, small businesses, large corporations, and private equity and venture capital funds.”

This appeared in the New York Times on March 9, 2009. My savings had been pretty much devastated well before Obama even took office. I have the bank statements to prove it so fuck the both of you two liars. Apart from all from all of the insider trading criminals, who would be foolish enough to invest in this incredibly shitty market? In an unbelievably bizarre turn of events, Jon Stewart, the host of a comedy news parody program, has taken it upon himself to do the job that the American press can’t be bothered to do. He has exposed some of the scumbags responsible for the current crisis, and more importantly, he has exposed the equally scummy members of the press who should have been keeping an eye on the thieves running the show. Instead, the financial press has been cheerleading for the very companies that we are now bailing out to the tune of hundreds of billions of dollars.

This shit storm all started when The Daily Show broadcast a clip of CNBC personality Rick Santelli criticizing the Obama administration for attempting to support people who had lost their homes in the recent financial implosion calling them “losers.” These are the same assholes who scream “Class Warfare” when anyone criticizes the rich. I mean, what the hell do these “losers” think by trying to own their own homes? What kind of human being ridicules people who are being evicted from their homes? How do these people get this way and how do we cure this affliction of heartlessness and utter stupidity?

One of the most disgusting things about this entire incident is that fact the NYT has taken the side of the people responsible for turning a blind eye to the financial establishment while markets were being ravaged by shady and illegal trading practices. The financial press, those we trust to monitor this facet of society, either willfully or through ignorance allowed this meltdown to happen with barely a whimper of protest. Then these same news outlets have creeps like this Santelli who blame the mess on home owners unable to make a few mortgage payments. Even worse, they criticize people like Stewart who try to make a bit of sense of the matter after the fact. This article basically accuses Jon Stewart of being sanctimonious when in fact he is merely doing the job the New York Times failed to do in reporting this huge mess.

Because even the dumbest of the dumb have seen that there conservative platform has been sinking, many who once called themselves Republicans are jumping ship and switching their name to libertarians. Evidently, Atlas Shrugged has been enjoying a bit of a revival as the former Republicans are desperately seeking new ideas. I guess they have already exhausted the wisdom of Sarah Palin, Rush Limbaugh, and Joe the plumber. Ayn Rand made me puke when I read her stuff when I was 16, mainly because there are only two kinds of people in her world: creative geniuses and people like me who are evidently only put here on earth to roll little balls of shit and to be the slaves of the smart folks. I can almost see how this Randian swill would appeal to the Paris Hiltons, Donald Trumps and W Bushes of the country, but how do they keep selling this shit to the lower order of conservatives? I can just see some out-of-work factory worker watching Fox News and getting pissed off because Obama wants to raise taxes for America’s top 1%.

The Daily Show clip was absolutely brilliant. It was one of the best works of political satire I've ever witnessed. Lord knows the "real" news people can't be counted on to do their jobs and point out the incredible hypocrisies that bombard our airwaves and systematically lower the IQ and critical thinking skills of most Americans. For the most part, our airwaves are filled with either puerile doggerel at best, and at worst every sort vile lies which are masquerading as information. All The Daily Show did was to point out some of the outrageous garbage that was being broadcast as news on some financial news networks. The last thing conservatives want if for people to have any kind of memory. They want us to believe that all of the country’s ills began when Obama took office two months ago. They don’t want people to remember the ridiculous claims they made for going to war in Iraq. They don’t want people to understand that while they held the White House and both houses of congress for six years they failed in just about every single aspect of governing. For those years they blame it all on Bill Clinton.

Conservatives criticize Obama’s stimulus plan because it is increasing the national debt yet they didn’t seem to have a problem when Bush all but bankrupted the country to finance his two failed wars. I know of no credible economists who would recommend against deficit spending while the country faces this huge slow-down. We lost 650,000 jobs in February alone. The Republican answer is to cut taxes and allow for more drilling in protected Alaskan wilderness. Their absurd energy proposal would probably net less than 20,000 jobs, at most. Energy isn’t a particularly labor-intensive industry. The Republican plan has nothing at all to do with helping Americans out of work; it is simply an obstructionist policy intended to hinder Obama. If Obama fails, the country fails, but what is that to Republicans?

*The fray began with this clip.
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