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Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Do I Sound Angry Enough?

“Listen, the stakes in November are high,” Mr. Bush told the boisterous audience in Washington. “This is an important election. Prosperity and peace are in the balance.”

New York Times, 09FEB08

Since this is coming from a president who has brought us nothing but war and economic decline during his seven years in office, I can only assume that he is urging voters to hand things over to the Democrats. It is absolutely pathetic that the Republicans are still trying to portray themselves as the only party that is capable of defending America from the terrorists seeing that they have completely fucked up the war in Iraq while allowing the situation in Afghanistan to return to pre-invasion chaos. The Bush Administration has so lowered the world’s opinion regarding our nation that even Great Britain’s view of America has dropped 33%. The dissolution of once amicable relationships has gone in both directions as a result of the Bush doctrine. France, long one of America’s staunchest allies, has been demonized by Bush for having the audacity to disagree with us on the disastrous Iraq invasion.

Bush has created new enemies for America where once none existed. It would be impossible to gauge the hate felt towards our country in the Middle East after five years of occupation in Iraq. Our President has made almost no effort to reconcile the differences between the Israelis and the Palestinians; instead he has created an even bigger source of anger in the Muslim world. The war in Iraq, since the beginning, has been an inextricable mess that is bankrupting our nation financially as well as morally.

After 9/11 Bush did not castigate a single member of America’s intelligence or law enforcement community even though we had the names of many of the perpetrators of that attack as a result of the U.S.S. Cole bombing investigation. Instead of shaking things up at the disastrously incompetent CIA, Bush chose to invade Iraq on either faulty or false evidence. Almost from the very beginning the war was mismanaged and ineffective in achieving our initial objective of securing and then rebuilding the war-ravaged country. The list of Bush failures is long and serious. I can’t think of anything that he has done right in the war on terrorism. He even botched the capture of Saddam Hussein by allowing him to be publicly lynched.

In spite of his atrocious record in office President Bush has the audacity to say that the Republicans are the only ones qualified to protect America and to bring us prosperity. If anyone still believes this myth they can only be called stupid or delusional…kind of like our President.

Do I sound angry? I hope the fuck I sound angry because I am furious. Our President has used terror to terrorize our own citizenry into following him into the most misguided foreign policy decisions in our country’s history. After five years of a bloody—not to mention horribly expensive—war in which almost nothing has gone right or according to plan, a war perpetrated on false pretenses, he now tells us that only his people can keep America safe.

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