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Monday, September 17, 2007

I Am Lars Vilks!

Lars Vilks is the Swedish artist who drew a cartoon of Mohammed with the body of a dog. Al Qaeda has put a $100,000 price on his head. Muslims can be touchy fuckers at times. I think that what everyone in the West should do is draw their own caricature of the prophet and publish it. Everyone! Just like when John F. Kennedy declared, “Ich bein ein Berliner,” we should all declare ourselves to be Lars Vilks. I am a terrible artist, as you can see, but I think that it’s the thought that counts. It’s difficult to tell whether the body is a rat, a dog, or a squirrel.

This is what everyone should have done when the Danish cartoons came out and Denmark was targeted with protests and all sorts of hate from Muslims around the world. If every newspaper published the cartoons it would be a little difficult for those offended by such childishness to decide who to go after. I fully expect some Al Qaeda dipshits to take flying lessons (not bothering to attend landing classes) so they can fly a plane into their computer and kill me.
Original Cartoon


  1. you are such crazy mother fucker dude , i like ur crazy plans , i forget the name of the cartoon talking about those 2 mouses who wanna invade the world , i think u are one of them (the thin silly one exactly ) so enjoy ur stupid thoughts and good luck silly bastard :p
    Muhammed is a prophet yes , but just a man and Allah is the greatest and the most powerful , try to read about Islam before u hate it !
    grow up !

  2. I certainly don't hate Islam. But I do hate men who would kill other men over a cartoon.

    What is worse, is that tolerant Muslims who would never kill for these reasons are not condemning these actions, but subtly supporting them through inaction. Now you think that we are ignorant because a cartoon about a Man (yes, just a man) should be ok, and not cause an artist to be killed.

    Perhaps people who shout Allah is Great as they kill women and children deserve your support too?

    Incidentally I was married in an Islamic country, defend the right to wear a burqa (as I defend the right of a nun to wear a habit) but I absolutely do not support killing in the name of God or his prophet.

  3. I certainly hate Islam if it tolerates elements who are intent on killing a man over a fucking cartoon. Grow up!


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