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Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Last Words of the Not-So-Bright

This is sort of like humor, but different. This could be reality TV if there was a Darwin Channel.

1) The hick and his gun:

Don’t worry, it ain’t loaded.

2) (Based on a true story. I believe it happened at the Brooklyn Zoo.)
While throwing rocks at the bears at the zoo one night after hours:

Polar bears can’t swim, that moat must be ten feet deep.
(His actual last words were, “He’s biting me…hard.”)

3) The fix-it guy plugging it in:

I can’t believe you wanted me to throw this lamp out.

4) Another tragic tale of a crossing, a hick in a car, and a speeding train:

I can totally make it!

5)A lake, a cliff, and a hick:

It looks deep enough to dive to me.

6)A hick looking down at a very steep, very long stair rail:

Watch this, I seen it on the X-Games.

I apologize to all of the hicks out there who may have taken offense to this post. We regret to inform you that several hicks lost their lives in the making of this essay.

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