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Friday, March 17, 2006

Language Break

Language Break

I am turning whatever creative energy I have these days into learning Portuguese. My current obsession with Brazilian chanteuse Ana Carolina is fueling my desire to crack this language. As I already speak Spanish, Portuguese is fairly easy. I would be happy to email an mp3 of one her songs so you can hear for yourselves the heartbreaking beauty of the language sung by a voice unlike anything I've heard in American pop music. Leave you email address in my comments box and I'll forward a song along with the lyrics.

I have been in love with Brazilian music for years but now I have decided to understand the lyrics. There is so much great Brazilian pop music that you have to think that every resource in that country goes towards building soccer players and great singer/song writers.

Ana Carolina's music is my absolute favorite right at this second. I love it when I become totally obsessed with a song. In this particular moment it is one called A Song Played at the Wrong Hour ( a cancao toccou na hora errada). Her song is my Rosetta Stone for Portuguese. I have had crushes on songs that have driven me to learn to play piano. Now I am being compelled to learn another language. When I fall in love I fall hard.

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